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What is Indiana’s location?

Indiana is centrally located in the United States of America. Indiana is a great place to study abroad because it offers a little bit of everything. Indianapolis, the capital city of Indiana, is the 13th largest city in the country, offering diversity, entertainment and educational, while just one hour away we have quaint small towns rich with history and charm. Indiana is within a 12 hours driving distance from 80 percent of the country! That means that in less than a half day’s drive, you can explore places like Chicago, the Appalachian Mountains, the home of Elvis Presley, the largest roller coaster park in the world and the great Mississippi River. 

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What is Indiana's international student population?

Indiana is a popular destination for international students. According to Open Doors, a  comprehensive information resource supported by the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State, Indiana is the 10th most popular state (out of all 50 states) for foreign students for the past three years. Indiana has been on a steady rise in popularity. From 2011-2012, the number of international students rose 10.4 percent, from 20,114 to 22,194 students.

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How safe is Indianapolis?

Harrison College is located in Indiana, which has a long-standing reputation for being safe. Downtown Indianapolis is a safe, lively and stunning city to live, work and study. Indianapolis is located in a larger region called Marion County, and according to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the downtown district had less than 4 percent of the cities crimes. Residents of Indianapolis agree: 71 percent feel that central Indiana is safe. The national average of similar large cities is only 45 percent.

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What is Indiana’s climate?

Like most cities in the Midwest, Indianapolis has four distinct seasons.

  • Summers are hot and humid, with high temperatures regularly approaching 90 °F (32 °C), with some days exceeding 95 °F (35 °C).
  • Spring and autumn are usually pleasant, with temperatures reaching around 65 °F (18 °C). However, spring is much less predictable than autumn; midday temperature drops exceeding 30 °F (16.7 °C) are common during March and April, and instances of very warm days (86 °F/30 °C) followed within 36 hours by snowfall are not unheard of during these months.
  • Winters are quite cold, with an average January temperature of 28.15 °F (−2 °C). Temperatures occasionally dip below 0 °F (−18 °C) on seven nights per year. 

The rainiest months are in the spring and summer, with average rainfall of more than four inches (100 mm) per month, mostly derived from thunderstorm activity; there is no distinct dry season.

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What is the public transportation in Indiana?

Harrison is located in downtown Indianapolis, which is connected by the bus system. IndyGo is the Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation, which runs 31 local services routes in downtown alone! Most routes operate seven days a week. On the IndyGo website you can find directions, purchase tickets and look up routes. 

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What can I do for entertainment in Indiana?

Indianapolis is home to many entertainment options. If you’re looking for a museum, look no further than the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, the world’s largest (and, according to Child magazine, the best) children’s museum in the world! For a taste of the outdoors, there are 207 parks in the central Indiana area. Additionally, Indiana has more than 500 cultural festivals throughout the year. Looking for some sports? Check out all Indiana has to offer:

  • Football: The National Football League’s Indianapolis Colts reside here, and Indianapolis hosted the 2012 Super Bowl.
  • Soccer: Indy Eleven is a member of the North American Soccer League, and matches occur at Michael Carroll Stadium in downtown Indianapolis.
  • Basketball: Indianapolis has hoops hysteria with the National Basketball Association’s Indiana Pacers and the Women’s National Basketball Association’s Indiana Fever.
  • Baseball: The Indianapolis Indians, a Minor League Baseball team, host games in the beautiful Victory Field in downtown Indianapolis.
  • Auto Racing: Indianapolis is the Racing Capital of the World, hosting the worlds’ largest and second-largest single-day sporting events, with the Indianapolis 500 and the Brickyard 400.

Visit the following resources for additional information about Indianapolis:

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Do I need health insurance as an international student?

Health insurance is an important part of coming to the United States. While the U.S. Government does not require holders of the F-1 visa to have health care, Harrison College requires all international students to show proof of health insurance upon arrival to the United States. This requirement comes out of our sincere concern for all of our international students’ safety and security.

We understand that finding the correct coverage package can be confusing. The U.S. health insurance and healthcare system is complex and can be difficult to understand. We want students to feel comfortable and informed for when they make this sort of decision. Therefore, we have identified three customized healthcare insurance coverage packages. These pre-screened options ensure in-network coverage for local resources like urgent care facilities that are near our campus. Additionally, during orientation and throughout a student’s time in the United States, Harrison College will have experts who are able to provide one-on-one support in selecting and maintaining the best health carecoverage options.

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What kind of housing is available to international students?

Harrison International students will be enrolled at the downtown location in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. This campus is located in the heart of Indianapolis.  

There are several housing options for international students. While Harrison does not have dormitories, we have identified several apartments that house students.  They are located within walking distance to campus. All of these apartments are safe, clean and well-maintained. The apartments are located near two grocery stores, three shopping malls, twelve restaurants, four beauty salons, five museums, a movie theater, and a bus stop. Located in one of six cultural districts, students can connect to greater Indianapolis through eight miles (12.8 Kms) of biking trails and three miles (4.8 Kms) of picturesque canal walks. We are confident that these apartments will allow students to engage in all that Indianapolis has to offer and enrich their study abroad experience.

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Can international students continue their education after Harrison College?

Harrison College has articulation agreements with the following institutions.  Students should schedule a meeting with the Registrar to discuss specifics of an agreement.

  • Oakland City University
  • Ohio Christian University
  • ITT Technical Institute
  • Pinnacle Career Institute
  • Trine University
  • Waldorf College
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