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Study Abroad in Indiana

Thinking about studying abroad? Look no further than Harrison International, a division of Harrison College in Indianapolis, Indiana, for your study abroad destination.  

Harrison College will host international students at its campuses located in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, the 13th largest city in the United States. Located in the heart of the Midwest, this region of America is known for its safety, affordability and friendliness. 

Is Harrison International the right study abroad program for you? These 8 reasons should help you make that decision!

  1. Innovative and cutting edge learning. Earn a fast-paced degree in one of more than 40 program areas. Fields of study include Hospitality Management, Business Management, Health Care Management, Culinary Arts or Medical Assistant, among others.
  2. Family-inspired support. Unlike many institutions that are run by large, anonymous corporations, Harrison College is a family-run institution. This family-inspired support is reflected in how we think of Harrison College’s staff, faculty and students. Here at Harrison College, we strive to create an atmosphere of encouragement and support so that students can create a change not only within themselves but in the global community. 
  3. Historical expertise. In a world where many claim to be an expert, it’s comforting to know you’re with a school that has been around for more than 111 years.
  4. Smart choices. Your classes will center on your selected area of study, and will best position you to be competitive in today’s global work environment.
  5. Career-focused education. We develop our programs based on ongoing input from business leaders and research of industry growth trends to ensure that they offer strong career potential. In fact, 89 percent of our students find employment within 12 months of graduation!  Externships and capstone experiences are placed strategically in the curricula to provide hands-on learning experiences.
  6. Affordability. Earn your bachelor degree in as little as 2.75 years! Or earn your associates degree in less than 1.6 years!
  7. Technology-driven learning. KnowU — Harrison College’s innovative virtual campus — creates a sense of place and community. In addition to accessing classes, the blended learning environment and web-enhanced class materials, students have a greater access to services and resources. With more than 4,000 students and 400 staff using KnowU, Harrison is using technology to support and educate students on a new level!
  8. Location. Downtown Indianapolis is the cultural center of Indiana! With regular events occurring around the city, you may never want to leave. But if you do, Indianapolis is within 80 percent of the country’s geographic area within a 12 hour car drive!