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IME Fellowship Program (Becas)

The Consulate of Mexico in Indianapolis and Harrison College have collaborated through this program to increase the educational level of Mexicans or person of Mexican origin living in the United States of America. The IME Becas program is inspired by the desire to contribute to the educational preparation of Mexican communities in the United States. The scholarship is funded by Harrison College and the Government of the United Mexican States through the IME (Becas) Fellowship Program.

El Consulado de México en Indianapolis y Harrison College han colaborado en este programa de incrementar el nivel de la educación de Mexicanos o personas de origen Mexicano que residen en los Estados Unidos. El Programa IME- Becas esta inspirado con el deseo de contribuir a la preparación educativa de las comunidades Mexicanas en los Estados Unidos de América. Los recursos son otorgados por Harrison College y el Gobierno de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos a través del Programa IME-Becas.

Scholarship Details


  • Scholarships are available immediately and on a rolling basis through the June 27, 2016, term start.
  • Please write an essay (approximately 350-450 words) explaining how the IME Becas Fellowship (for Mexican or Mexican-origin students) and Harrison College could help to contribute to your education, your development and the betterment of society.  
  • Please provide a reference (name, title and phone number) of someone who could speak to your character/motivation.
  • Submit your information to Harrison College International at or


If selected, the recipient will receive a scholarship for the next available term start at Harrison College or The Chef’s Academy at Harrison College. The expectation is that the student will start and finish the intended program and remain in good academic standing. 

Any student who withdraws or transfers to a different institution automatically forfeits any remaining scholarship funds.

Selection Process

Harrison College International will attempt to notify each applicant of its decision within 30 days from receiving the essay. Participants are expected to express their acceptance of IME Fellowship within seven business days of IME-Becas Fellowship offer. 

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