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Guangdong University of Education / 广东第二师范学院

School Introduction / 学校简介:

Founded in 1955, Guangdong University of Education (GDUE) is located in Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong province in China. It is accredited by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Public of China. GDUE is focused on cultivating students to be professionals with a high level of specialized knowledge and professional skills. GDUE consists of 17 colleges and departments, including Education College, Chinese Department, Political Science & Law Department, Foreign Language Department, Mathematics Department, Physics Department, Chemistry Department, Computer Science Department, Physical Education Department, Fine Arts Department, Music Department, Political Theory Teaching Department, Distance Education Center, Education Development Institute, Adult Education College, International Education College, and Biotechnology & Food Engineering College. GDUE offers various bachelor and associate degrees covering the fields of education, literature, science, engineering, law, management, history, and arts. By the end of 2013, GDUE had 9,854 full time students.

广东第二师范学院于1955年建校。校园位于广东省省会,花城广州市,是一所经中国教育部批准的本科院校。自建校以来,广东第二师范学院始终坚持“民主与科学并重,人文与自然统一”的办学理念,致力于将学生培养成为“文化知识广,专业基础实,职业技能强”的应用型人才。广东第二师范学院现设有教育学院,中文系,政法系, 外语系, 数学系, 物理系, 化学系, 计算机科学系, 体育系, 美术系, 音乐系, 思想政治理论课教学部, 远程教育中心, 成人教育学院, 教育发展力研修学院, 国际教育学院, 生物与食品工程学院共17个教学院系。所开设的本科及专科专业涵盖教育学,文学,理学,工学,法学,管理学,历史学, 和艺术学等八个学科门类。截至 2013 年底,全校共有全日制在校生9854人。

GDUE-Harrison College International Connection / 广东第二师范学院与美国哈瑞森学院国际交流合作项目:

Through the collaboration between GDUE and Harrison College, unique programs have been designed for GDUE students and faculty. Different from the traditional 2+2 model, the GDUE-Harrison College International Connection provides a more flexible,diverse and student-oriented plan to assist GDUE students’ study abroad. Firstly, Harrison College welcomes GDUE students at any phase of their studies. Both universities have evaluated the curricula of the other reducing redundancies and building on synergies. Early on in the collaboration, we matched curricula for two particularly compatible areas of study. Specifically,the GDUE-Harrison partnership provides a seamless path toward two bachelor’s degrees. One program of focus is the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management.  Another target program is the Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Students also will receive a significant scholarship while studying at Harrison College.

哈瑞森学院与广东第二师范学院已全面开展交流合作项目。与传统的 2+2项目不同,哈瑞森学院将为学生提供更加灵活,多样,个人化的学习方案,帮助学生在大洋彼岸顺利完成学业。哈瑞森学院与广东第二师范学院的国际交流项目针对所有来自不同专业,处于不同学习阶段的学生。 我们与广东第二师范学院已共同完成课程方案评估以及学分对接,努力为学生搭建一条留学绿色通道。在第一阶段的合作中,哈瑞森学院的酒店管理与工商管理专业将作为首批试点项目。参加我们国际交流合作项目的学生还有机会获得丰厚的奖学金,有关详情请咨询相关负责人。哈瑞森学院与广东第二师范学院的国际交流项目致力于为学生铸造一把开启成功大门,实现美国留学梦想的金钥匙。

Harrison College prepares its students for their future career by helping students develop experiential learning and internship opportunities with its solid connections to the Indianapolis business communities.


HC-GDUE Program Contact / 合作项目负责人:

Dr. Yanhong Liu
刘焱鸿 博士

Deputy Dean of the International Education College- GDUE

Email address:
Tel: +86-20-34113282

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