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Welcome to Harrison College China Collaborative / 欢迎来到哈瑞森学院中国合作项目中心

We are really pleased to establish partnerships with multiple Chinese universities. These exceptional partnerships are united around our schools’ missions and increase our academic competitiveness. Through the partnerships, students from China will have a valuable opportunity to study at Harrison College and pursue degrees from Harrison College. We are focused on establishing diverse partnerships, and we collaborate with students, staff, faculty, and our communities to deliver student-centered education, which prepares students for careers that positively impact society, both locally and globally.


For potential partners, we provide a list of informational below:

  1. General informational about Harrison College includes: Safety, Housing, Student service and care, and academic programs;
  2. Application process and school calendar;
  3. Estimates of Tuition and fees, scholarships, and living expenses;
  4. Institutional and programmatic Accreditation


  1. 哈瑞森学院概况,包括安全、住宿、学生服务和护理以及学术项目等的信息
  2. 招生流程和校历
  3. 学费、奖学金以及居住在印第安纳波利斯市的生活开销
  4. 学校资质认证

We are looking forward to working with you.



Dr. Richard Bonaccorsi


Vice president of Harrison College International


China Collaborative Partners

Guangdong University of Education / 广东第二师范学院

Hainan Foreign Language College of Professional Education / 海南外国语职业学院