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Our Values

While many career colleges are run by large, anonymous corporations, Harrison College remains today — as it was when it opened in 1902 — a family-owned educational institution. Following our guiding objectives, Harrison International aims to prepare international students to live, work, and succeed in today’s increasingly global environment. 

Guiding Objectives

  • Our students gain requisite knowledge and skills through general education within career-focused curricula.
  • Our graduates achieve career goals and demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning.
  • Our graduates demonstrate strong character and integrity in their life and work, and add value to the world they live in.

This family-centered leadership is reflected in our graduates as they demonstrate Harrison’s values of Excellence, Service, Compliance and Innovation. 


We are committed to a climate of high-quality, relevant classroom content delivered by creative faculty equipped with strong credentials and demonstrated industry expertise. This commitment is enhanced by our dedication to hiring exemplary administrative staff and providing support systems that advance the educational process. As a result of this educational experience, we expect our graduates to enhance their careers and embrace lifelong learning.


We value a personal, responsive and attentive learning environment that exceeds student expectations. Our convenient, adaptable delivery methods enable students to balance life and college. We continually improve services to all numbers of the college community through assessment and feedback mechanisms.


We accept our responsibility to be held accountable to all our constituents.  Accordingly, we operate with integrity and fairness to ensure full compliance with accrediting standards and regulatory bodies.  


A foundational key to the mission of Harrison College is to drive innovation in Higher Education. Harrison has a strong history of being on the forefront of using technology to meet student’s needs. Harrison is pioneering learning with KnowU. KnowU is an online college campus that combines social media with online learning connecting students to resources to find the answers to their questions regarding academics, technology, and life in general. Harrison’s staff and faculty are continually enhancing this environment in a way that will improve the way students learn, complementing the on-campus student experience.